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I hear Melbourne – a writer for hire.

If you really listen you can hear a city. Some parts are chatty, other parts a little more introverted, but you can hear it. I hear Melbourne.

Past the everyday clanging of its suburbs, its streets, its homes and its people, Melbourne has a lot to say. And, I listen!

As a copywriter, the absolute favourite part of my job is writing property listings for estate agents. I get to discover so much about Melbourne suburbs and their homes.

You see, there’s more to Melbourne than just great restaurants, bars, cafés and shops. There’s the people, the places, the history. And there’s finding your dream home location amongst so many varying suburbs.

Neighbouring Melbourne suburbs can differ enormously, as can the price of houses, the feel of the people and the community.

Location is important for work, school, safety, lifestyle and community. So, what I like to do is keep an ear out and let you know what I hear, feel and learn as I wander through one of the world’s most liveable cities.

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