"Ken's writing has an honest quality. His voice is real and engaging. He is quick to discover his target audience and he knows how to speak to them. I'd recommend Ken to anyone looking for engaging content."

Chuck Bennett - Chuck and Karen Bennett Real Estate



Do you want more listings, greater buyer interest and more sales?

# Property Listings

# Company Profiles

# Effective Ad Content

# Social Media Copy

# Real Estate Blogs


What I can do for your business

# Free your time to grow your listings

# Capture the right tone for the right buyer

# Sell the benefits of any property

# Generate buyer interest and greater sales


A typical package consists of a 3oo-word property listing combined with ads for your website, social media, newspapers and boards. Call today for a full quote

Turnaround time is usually within 24 hours provided I have all the information I require.

If you require a site visit, simply  arrange a time for me to see the property. I'm available via email or phone 7 days a week.

Good prose goes straight to a person’s subconscious and into their hearts,transforming potential buyers into the home and lifestyle of their dreams.

A well-written listing paints a picture that connects emotionally with a potential buyer in a way that no photograph can.

 Let me free up your time by writing great listings, so you get the results!